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July 23, 2009

The Paradiddler Video Archive

On this page you'll find the videos that has produced. You'll find anything from drum covers, instructional, rudiments explained, and more. Check back regularly! There will always be something new!

Drum Covers

Education of The Paradiddler - How did it go for The Paradiddler when he entered's online drum-off? Read about it here!

An Invite From The Paradiddler - It's open season on The Paradiddler! Watch the video, and say what can be improved. All tips and opinions welcome!
*Paradiddler's note: I've gotten "a little" better since this video, I hope!

I Will Follow, U2 cover - Shouldn't this be the Twitter theme song? Not the best video quality (I learned a little after this one), but it'll do!

Toxicity, System of a Down Cover - The Paradiddler covers System of a Down, but it wasn't easy

Rush, Dreamline cover from Snakes & Arrows Live - This wasn't the first time I tried to play this song

Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas - The Paradiddler's take on a classic favorite

Chad Smith's Air Drumming Contest with Drum Channel - I couldn't resist entering this contest!

Future Times/Rejoice by Yes - The Paradiddler's first tribute to Alan White (and most likely not the last!)

Girl Gone Bad by Van Halen - This is The Paradiddler's favorite Van Halen song, and it just might be their best ever

All My Life by Foo Fighters - One of the funnest (or most fun?) songs that I've covered. It's a blast!

Rush, "Jacob's Ladder", live from Exit... Stage Left - The song I bought the china cymbal for! One of my all time favorite Rush songs.

Rush, "Double Agent" - The other song I bought the china cymbal for! Another of my favorite Rush songs - very creative drumming. This drum cover article is a 'double agent' itself! Click the link to find out why...

Paramore, "That's What You Get" - Great song, but when I saw the unplugged version, I was inspired to try a very simple kit, just like Zac Farro (former Paramore drummer)

Rush, "The Analog Kid" - Here we go with yet another one of my favorite Rush songs. Lots of details behind the producing of this video...

Genesis, "Dancing With the Moonlit Knight/The Musical Box" medley - I finally struck up the nerve to cover Phil Collins. Since I went that far, I took a few artistic liberties as well...

Kiss, "Parasite" - A cover of one of my favorite bands growing up, of one of my favorite songs. A funny history, plus a tiny sneak peak to what's coming...

Rush, "Headlong Flight" - When I heard this song, I knew I had to cover it, but would I be biting off more than I can chew? You be the judge! Read about everything that went into this cover.

Rush, "Losing It" - This is a loaded drum cover, as the article explains. See why I ended up creating two versions of this cover, plus a request.

Rush, "Limelight": Then and Now - This is actually an 'instructional drum cover' where you see me covering "Limelight" in the inset, and me covering it again about four years later in the main view. If you notice the difference, you'll know why I'm such a believer in using drum covers as a tool for bettering your drum play.

Rush, "Nocturne" - This to me is Rush's most underrated song. Since Vapor Trails was remixed last year (2013), the drumming (and everything else) sounds crystal clear, so I thought I'd give it a shot and give this song its due. The first drum cover of this song on YouTube! Read (and see and hear) all about it...

Instructional Videos

Instructional Video: Vex Pro Touring Double Bass Pedal - Slave - Since I didn't see any videos regarding double bass pedal adjustments for the Vex Pro Touring pedal, I decided to produce one myself! Take a look for some adjustment ideas.

Instructional Video: Vex Pro Touring Double Bass Pedal - Round Two - An update to the previous videos regarding the same. The differences? Click the link to find out!

How to Record a Drum Cover When the First Note Is a Drum Beat - This is the first lesson in the "How to Record Drum Covers With Just Your Camcorder and Windows Movie Maker". This video explains how to ensure you start playing synchronized right on the first note of the song - every time.

The Paradiddler on the Off-Set Double Bass Pedals - An in-depth (somewhat) look into the double bass pedal The Paradiddler endorses, and why they're worth serious consideration


"El problema" by Arjona
Local Lagrange/Atlanta, GA band 'Papillín & Latin Descarga' covers one of the Guatemalan artist's greatest hits (yours truly on the drums)

SoDisco, August 10th, 2013 - The Paradiddler sits in with the band SoDisco for a show. The playlist includes videos of some of the songs from the show.

Cold Shot, April 16, 2016 - My stint with local band Cold Shot, playing to a private audience. The playlist includes excerpts from the show

Rudiments In Action

The Paradiddle

Single Stroke Roll and Single Stroke Four

Double Handed Crossover Fill
A variation of the single stroke roll rudiment. My favorite fill!

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Chris June 1, 2010 at 12:03 am

Why can’t I find the off-set pedal for sale anywhere?


Omar June 1, 2010 at 1:34 am

Hello Chris.

The Off-Set pedals can only be bought directly from Off-Set. Here’s the link for ordering: Off-Set ordering information


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