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“Future Times/Rejoice” by Yes, Drum Cover

by Omar on July 22, 2009

in drum cover

Here's the latest drum cover from The Paradiddler: "Future Times/Rejoice" by Yes.

I haven't updated my 'Artists' page as of late, but one of the drummers I wanted to make sure made my initial list was Alan White. He's one of my favorite drummers, very unassuming, and to me, the best timekeeper in rock. At least earlier in his career, he played with so much power, but it was always controlled. I listen to such songs as "The Gates of Delirium" and "Sound Chaser", especially live, and I wonder how he had so much stamina. The guy was an animal - I love it!

I always thought that Tormato was one of Yes' most underrated LP's. It sounds somewhat unpolished, yet all members at the time (Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Rick Wakeman, and Alan White) were at such musical peaks during this period. There are some musical compositions so beautiful and complex that it might be the best 'prog rock' LP of all time, at least from a compositional aspect. Yes, I know others may disagree, maybe thinking that these guys were just way too self-indulgent, and as far as rock goes, this was way out to the side. To that I say: "Bravo for self-indulgence!" Songs like "Madrigal" and "Onward" have some of the most beautiful compositions in all of rock (if we could actually classify these songs as 'rock'). Some of the music on this LP (or CD) transcends rock - they are masterpieces of music.

Which brings me to "Future Times/Rejoice". This to me is a nightmare to master. There seem to be several time changes in the middle of a bar, and I'm very hard pressed to catch them even after several takes. At times I'm trying to count certain bars so I don't lose my place, and I almost lose it entirely a couple of times. But I held on, and I think, for the difficulty of this piece, although not perfect, I'm satisfied.

As I do more and more of these covers, I'm trying to vary the difficulty and style of song. My favorite band of all is Rush, and I could cover a bunch of their songs. But that route is too obvious (I will cover more of their songs, of course, but it has to be somewhat spectacular). Yes is my second favorite band, and I may do a couple more covers from them eventually. But I may venture into Spanish rock, heavy metal (nothing offensive though, I promise!), and even jazz. Gotta make it interesting!

Let me know what you think!

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Vojtech November 22, 2009 at 5:05 am

Great cover! I have always been a big fan of Alan’s playing, do you know if there are any transcriptions of his drumming available (apart from Owner of a Lonely Heart which I have) anywhere?


Omar November 22, 2009 at 8:22 pm

Hi Vojtech.

Oddly enough, I never bothered to look for transcriptions of Alan’s drum parts. The drum covers I play I’ve learned strictly by sight and sound (mostly by ear), although the transcripts would be valuable. I’ll check; if I find something, I’ll post it here (if anyone else finds them, please respond here as well!).

Thanks for the kudos!


Dan July 22, 2009 at 8:43 pm

Very nice, Omar…. Alan White is absolutely the man. I could never say enough good things about him…listening to him on those 70s recordings just makes my life better. I wish more people would realize it though. He may not obviously project the power as much today as back then, but the beauty, subtlety, energy and timing is all still there…
Check out the Wolfgangsvault.com recording of Sound Chaser from 1974… The drum set is recorded so well that you won’t believe it! It sounds like you are standing on stage next to it.


Omar July 23, 2009 at 6:24 pm

Hi Dan.

Thanks for your comments! I agree with everything you say, actually!

I am definitely going to check out the “Sound Chaser” recording you mention – I can’t get enough of that song. I may cover it on the drums someday, when I’m really ambitious!

Thanks for reading, and come back!


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