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November 22, 2008

Below are some of the articles that have appeared on the blog (Home) page of this site.  I've listed these here since over time it may be a bit cumbersome to scroll through the entire list of blog postings (although it would be a very interesting endeavor!).  If you have anything of interest that you'd like to see, by all means, let me know!  You can e-mail me anytime.  Happy reading!

Drum Clinics

Will Calhoun - The Paradiddler attended Will Calhoun's drum clinic in Stone Mountain, GA, and was glad he didn't miss it!

Marco Minnemann - A new member of my 'favorite drummers' short list - here's why

Walfredo Reyes, Jr. - One of the great rhythmists of our time - read why here

Thomas Pridgen - One of the most dynamic drummers in the world - a visual feast. Plenty of pictures!

Jason Bittner - Metal drumming madness comes to Atlanta, GA - and The Paradiddler was there...

Drummer Spotlight

A Drumming Genius Is Gone - A small tribute to the late Louie Bellson

Neil Peart's Solos Ranked - Introduction to a series of articles ranking all of Neil Peart's eight published drum solos, from worst to first!

Perry, Peart, and Bozzio - Pearls of Drumming Wisdom - Three drumming greats drop by for a DC Live event, recorded June 18th, 2009

Stewart Copeland Answers Questions From The Paradiddler - A little Q&A between The Paradiddler and The Police's drummer extraordinaire and modern day composer

Great Snares of Rock - The best sounding snare drum sounds of rock, and the drummers who played them

Interview with Charles Fisher - The creator of the Off-Set double bass drum pedal chats with The Paradiddler about the history of the pedal, and why he thinks it's the best in the market

Interview with Mike Johnston - All about Mike Johnston, creator of An inspirational podcast interview!

Interview with Mike Michalkow - The creator of the "Drumming System" chats with The Paradiddler about his DVD creations, how to land a gig, and how to persevere with your passion


The Reference Drummer - Read how an early influence shapes how we play later on

The Best Drummer In the World Is... - Is there such a thing? The Paradiddler explores if it's possible to name the best of all

Not Just About the Drums - It's not just the drums that moves us - it's something more

Musicians Helping Musicians - Read about some of the ways musicians help each other out, sometimes without even knowing it!

Beyond the Drum Kit - Percussion is becoming more important, and prevalent. Plus, a new acquaintance

The Many Faces of Percussion - Article contributed to the blog of New Age artist Marcomé

A Perspective on Drum Covers - The Paradiddler's view on drum covers

The Emergence of Air Drumming - A guilty pleasure of wannabe drummers is now coming to the fore

"Exquisite Torture" - We may never play as good as our favorites, but we'll keep trying!

"Leave That Snare Alone!" - My, how drummers love their snare drums! Here's why.

Cheering Them On - Jealous of other people's success? Don't be. Here's why, and how to make yourself better at what you choose to do.

Passion for Our Favorite Drummer - Revisiting the issue of the 'best' drummer, and why the 'this drummer vs. that drummer' debate is an exercise in futility

Pandora Killed the Radio Star (again) - The demise of music on FM radio has been predicted for decades; will it finally happen?

HD Radio - FM Radio's Savior? - New technology breathes new life into FM radio - but is it too late?

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