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Rudiment Overview – The Paradiddle

by Omar on April 16, 2009

in Education

Well, how can I have a web site called "The Paradiddler" without talking about my favorite rudiment, the paradiddle!

Rudiments are important. Very important. In fact, they are the vocabulary of drumming (please read "Rudimentary, My Dear", for a more in-depth discussion regarding rudiments). Sure, you could play the drums, and you might even be able to play some songs. But if you're familiar with the rudiments, you'll know what you're playing, and exactly how to play it. I definitely don't think you have to be an expert in all the rudiments to play (like I always say, "even if it sounds bad, just have fun!"), but they sure help.

I've embarked on somewhat of a mission to familiarize myself with the rudiments, since I'm one of those who learned to play by ear, and have a ways to go before I can be somewhat satisfied with my level of play. I'm not where I want to be, so constant practice and study is key. But to make it fun, as I learn how these rudiments work, I try to discern what songs that I like actually implement them, possibly without me knowing at first.

What has resulted is the first in a series (I hope!) of videos where I find rudiments in the 'real world' of music, and give the example. I'll be posting the video at the end of this blog post, and of course, it will be available on my YouTube account. Recently I've started to use, another video hosting service similar to YouTube, so I may be incorporating those videos into this blog as well. In any case, I'm not going to say much more. Enjoy the video!

The Paradiddle in Action

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