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How to Record a Drum Cover When the First Note Is a Drum Beat

by Omar on September 24, 2011

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A little while back, I started writing a series of articles relating to recording drum covers with what probably most amateur drummers have:  their camcorder, and Windows Movie Maker.  The first article in the series was “Record Yourself Playing Drums” (which I encourage you to read, of course, if you haven’t already, in addition to the three follow-up articles).

Most of the aforementioned drummers can’t afford extra microphones, video editing software, studio space, etc.  But they need love and attention too!  🙂  So this series is aimed at them, but for anyone who wants to produce something in a pinch, beauty can be found in simplicity.

The video presented here is Lesson One in the “How to Record Drum Covers With Just Your Camcorder and Windows Movie Maker” series, called “The Lead-In Click Track”.  I for one always had a problem with ensuring I would start drumming in sync with the first note of a song, when said song’s first note was a drum beat.  This lesson is a preview, if you will, of the type of practical tips the whole course will contain.  Of course, there are many other aspects of drum cover recording that will be covered, but for now, there’s no excuse for starting out-of-sync.  🙂

Many more details will be revealed regarding the rest of the course, so I encourage you to subscribe to the free newsletter, if you haven’t already, so you can be privy to what’s coming next and when (amongst other great drumming topics).  My goal is to inspire those who have always wanted to publish to YouTube a video of their playing that is somewhat respectable – something that they can be proud of.  Even if you play ‘bad’, at least it will look and sound good!

But really, if you’re having fun playing the drums, that’s all that matters.  Make your mistakes, document your progress, post your videos for all to see.  Accept constructive criticism in stride, and watch how your skills grow over time, while you play to your favorite songs.

Let the journey begin!

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