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Instructional Video: Vex Pro Touring Double Bass Pedal – Slave*

by Omar on February 14, 2009

in Education

During my drum equipment-acquiring phase, I was debating which bass pedal to purchase. There was one thing I knew for certain, however: I would obtain a double bass pedal. I grew up listening to such greats as Neil Peart, Alex Van Halen, and Steve Smith (among others), so I knew that when the time came, I would have two bass drums. Well, that changed a bit – only one bass drum for me. So the double pedal was the only option.

When I was shopping, my funds were not limitless, so I had to shop for value. My search is a little beyond the scope of this article (I’ll cover it another time, I promise!), but my choices came down to two pedals: the DW Pacific DP402 and the Vex Pro Touring. I compared features and pricing and all that, and decided on Vex. Now this goes a little against my criteria for choosing equipment, since I advocate sticking to either brands you are familiar with, or brands that have a solid reputation (both is even better). However, it seemed like the Vex pedals had so many ‘pro-like’ features that I really couldn’t resist them. And yes, I am very familiar with DW Pacific (they’re my drums!), but since these pedals were priced the same ($99.00 at Guitar Center, for example) and the Vex pedals seemed more customizable, I decided to take an educated chance.

I am very satisfied with my pedals - at least I am now. But I wasn’t when I received them! There seemed to be something wrong with the left (slave) pedal. It was very loose and not responsive. You would step down, and it wasn’t moving very much! Now here’s where sticking to a reputable company for your purchases comes in. Vex isn’t exactly known for their technical support, so I was pretty much on my own. I was vexed! What to do?

Well, after much tinkering, I figured it out. However, later I met up with another Vex user who had a similar problem. I wondered if other users had the same problem that I did. I decided then to create an instructional video aimed at addressing the left pedal issue. I suppose another video could be produced regarding all of the adjustments, but since the right pedal presented no problems, I decided to focus on the left one. The adjustments discussed in the video could be applied to most pedals, so it’s a good reference, and could encourage pedal owners to safely tinker with their pedals to adjust to their liking. Also, the issue addressed in the video may not apply to all experiencing similar problems, but again, it can encourage experimentation and increased knowledge of the pedal.

So enough talking! The video was split into two parts. I hope this helps pedal owners and encourages them to get to know their equipment. And oh yeah, just have fun!

*For the updated article and videos regarding these pedals, click here.

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Xander November 6, 2009 at 7:39 pm

I have the exact same problem Frank has. My right pedal works awesome, but my second pedal takes much more effort and strength to hit, and it has barely any bounce. Thanks in advance!


Dave November 3, 2009 at 12:02 am

Omar – I just wanted to THANK you for putting out these videos. I just ordered the Vex pro and am hoping I’m one of the lucky ones who receive a pedal(s) that does not need these adjustments. However, its good to know I will have something to fall back on if there are problems. Thanks again. The videos are well put together.



Frank October 20, 2009 at 9:28 am

Okay I need help 🙁 .. I have this Double Pedal problem… uhm.

Theres nothing wrong with my right pedal, its convenient, it bounce back.
And my left pedal needs more effort to hit the bass and it doesnt seem to bounce back like my right pedal does…

i cant even do.. 8 diddle beats in my pedals..

need help..
R-Pedal = Bounces back normally.
L-Pedal = Bounces back slowly and like its being stucked…


Omar October 20, 2009 at 10:50 am

Hello Frank.

I feel your pain! I will be producing a follow-up video to the first two soon that will address what else can be adjusted on the pedal. In the meantime, just watch the two videos very carefully 🙂 until then. You might discover something you didn’t notice before.

Good luck!


Frank November 9, 2009 at 9:07 am

Thanks man ^^


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