Dreamline, Snakes and Arrows Live, Rush Drum Cover

by Omar on May 3, 2009

in drum cover

Omar Alvarado, The Paradiddler, coming at you yet again with another drum cover.  This time it's a song from my favorite band, Rush, and the song is "Dreamline".

There are a few versions of this song floating around, several of them live.  Of course, we have the original from Rush's Roll the Bones record, back in 1991.  I've always thought that that recording was a little 'tinny' for my taste.  There've been several versions since then.  Possibly my favorite one is from the Different Stages live CD.  The snare drum Neil Peart had going there was so 'poppy', but very powerful.

However, I decided to go with the latest version from the Snakes & Arrows Live CD, because, well, it's the latest!  I think it's more of a challenge to play something that has come out fairly recently, instead of something that has been out for many years, enough for people to digest how it was played.  That makes for an easier imitation, if one were to go that route.  I decided to choose the route less heard.

Now there's a little history with this song with me as well.  Way back in January of this year, I entered an on-line drumming contest at FreeDrumLessons.com.  I chronicled the whole experience in the article "Education of The Paradiddler".  The gist of it was that "Dreamline" was the song I was going to submit.  The song ended up being more difficult to play than I thought, I wasn't familiar with Movie Maker, and I ended up submitting another song instead that I only practiced once!  It was better than my versions of "Dreamline" because there was no pressure.

Even though I didn't win the drum-off, I learned a lot from it.  Recently FreeDrumLessons.com invited its members to submit anything they like, just for show (no prizes).  The first thing that popped into my mind was to revisit playing "Dreamline".  So I tried it, and after a few sessions, here's the result!  I hope you like it, and as always, comments welcome (good and bad!).

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