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by Omar on August 25, 2008

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Welcome to my drum blog. My name is Omar Alvarado, and I've been a fan of drumming since before I was ten (maybe it was eight, maybe two, I don't really remember). And sure there are many web sites relative to drums and drumming, but drums are so great, you can't have enough!

I am not the typical drummer per se. In fact, I'm really not! I'm having a drumming rebirth of sorts. I had a drum set long ago (don't remember the brand), but my father was none too happy with the noise (he just didn't understand!), so that was the end of that. But my love for drumming endured.

Life went on, my own family came along, and although I wasn't playing, I studied as closely as possible those drummers that were my favorites. Whenever I heard them, I tried to picture myself playing the song. If I got the chance to see the drummer live or on video, I would see how spot on I was (well, let’s face it, how very wrong I was), and make mental notes for when I imagined 'playing' the song again. So time went on.

On occasion, I'd enter music stores and try out some of the kits (most of the time the electronic kits, but you just can't resist a Drum Workshop kit if it's there) and played a few songs from my head. And you know what, I'm pretty good! Well, at least in my mind, anyway. And thats where this web site comes in.

I want to share with the drumming community my experiences (probably way less than most of you!), while, somewhat selfishly, I hope to get all of your experiences shared here with me. As time goes by, I will post reviews, opinions, interviews, and anything else even remotely related to the art of drumming. This is only the beginning. I hope to grow this site with information that all will find useful, and maybe more importantly, entertaining and interesting! Your feedback, what you would like to see, how we can improve the site, all will be most appeciated, as this will be your web site as much as it is mine. I look forward to your comments. Now go hit those skins!

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